A Long-Awaited Publication

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 12.17.56 PM.png

Megan McDevitt premiering Confession for double bass, 2/17

I had hoped to make this announcement months ago, but now I can finally go public. Megan McDevitt is an excellent bassist and (full disclosure) my partner in life. She commissioned me to write a piece for her in 2016. This was part of an ambitious recital project in which she commissioned four new works as responses to, and performed along with, established bass repertoire. Confession for double bass was written with Persichetti’s Parable for solo double bass in mind. This is partially because my plan is to write a series of solo works all under the title of Confession, just as Persichetti did with his Parables. Since the premiere, I have made some small revisions to the piece, and reformatted the music from its original, and somewhat unwieldy, 17X11 format to a more portable 11X14 size, which is now available for pre-order in my shop. The official release date is November 15.

The Confessions of Saint Augustine, a book that is essentially an autobiography framed as a confession to God, serve as the namesake of the series. In confessing to a higher power, we invariably move into our own minds, and this kind of inward spiritual expression is precisely where my Confession lives. Its virtuosity is not in the traditional outward mode, but in a highly exposed, vulnerable mode.

While this piece certainly isn’t the kind of show-stopper one might expect from solo repertoire, I hope some members of the bass community will find it suits them for performance.



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